Property Management - Checks and Changes Overview

With changes to legislation it is important for agents to keep up-to-date and compliant.

The topic summarises some of the changes that are happening and the requirement to advise tenants of these issues using the New Tenant Checklist and its addendum.

Topics covered are:

  • New Tenant checklist and addendum
  • Loose-fill asbestos insulation compliance and disclosure
  • General disclosures
  • Rental Bond Online
  • Swimming pool compliance for property managers

Other general issues addressed:

  • Licence/registration display in marketing material
  • Residential tenancies review

This Continuing Professional Development (CPD) topic partially aligns to:

  • CPPDSM4009 Interpret legislation to complete work in the property industry
  • CPPDSM4016A Monitor and manage lease or tenancy agreement
  • CPPDSM4015B Minimise agency and consumer risk

Completion of this course provides 3 hours of Elective Continuing Professional Development (CPD) learning.

Course Cost:  $89.00

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