Domestic Violence and Tenancies

Domestic Violence in Tenancies

The Residential Tenancies Act 2010 has been reviewed with amendments relating to Circumstances of Domestic Violence in a tenancy implemented on 28th February 2019.

This course will cover the reforms and what this means for your agency to ensure compliance and agency knowledge.

A summary of domestic violence reforms includes:

  • The right of a victim to end a tenancy immediately and without penalty
  • Victims cannot be blacklisted for ending a tenancy
  • Liability for property damage caused by domestic violence
  • Declarations of domestic violence
  • Remaining tenants’ options and rights
  • Review of domestic violence reforms
  • What this means for you and your agency

The information included in this course is not exhaustive but looks at the key reforms relating to domestic violence in the tenancy area.

Completion of this course provides 3 hours of Elective Continuing Professional Development (CPD) learning.

Course Cost:  $89.00

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