Property Sales Compliance – Grey areas

Property Sales Compliance – Grey areas

The competitive world of property sales can tempt agents to engage in practices that are inventive to satisfy the expectations of vendors.

Some of these practices can be perceived as out of the guidance of legislation. In this course we look at the grey areas of compliance of some of these and how to ensure you and your agency are compliant. We look at:

  • “Dutch” auctions
  • Gazumping
  • Misleading pricing

Some agents are missing their Licence renewal notices as NSW Fair Trading have changed the way they notify. We look at this and how to ensure you are getting notification on time.

Completion of this course provides 3 hours of Elective Continuing Professional Development (CPD) learning.

With partial alignment to the following units of competency:

  • CPPDSM4008A Identify legal and ethical requirements of property sales to complete agency work
  • CPPDSM4022A Sell and finalise the sale of property by private treaty
  • CPPDSM4015B Minimise agency and consumer risk

Course Cost: $89.00

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