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Property reforms update
by Murray Macdonald - Tuesday, 3 September 2019, 4:29 AM

There is currently a massive amount of misinformation surrounding the changes to licensing legislation in NSW.

Before Parliament are the following proposals:

  1. If you are currently a licensee in charge of an office, there is NO NEED to upgrade to a Diploma level qualification. You will be transitioned to the new system by simply applying for licensee in charge status based on your current operation.
  2. If you are a license holder, have been for at least 2 years and wish at some time in the future to be a licensee in charge, then you WILL NEED to upgrade to a Diploma level qualification.
  3. All Certificate of Registration holders will need to become the holder of a Real Estate Agent’s licence within 4 years.
  4. NO timeline has been published regarding the implementation of the new guidelines by NSW Fair Trading, however it appears that early next year will be the date
  5. People undertaking current training will have a “teach out” or transition period whereby their CURRENT COURSE will be recognised as sufficient. In the past, this period has been 2 years.

As said, these are the proposed changes.

The NSW Real Estate Training College has carefully researched the above from information directly obtained from NSW Fair Trading, who have stated  – no one will be disadvantaged by the implementation of these changes and that nothing in the reforms “prevents a person from exercising a function that the person was lawfully authorised to exercise immediately before the commencement of” the reforms.

Do not be led to believe that anything other than the above current proposals are concrete and be fooled into paying exorbitant fees for courses that are unnecessary.

We offer the upgrade to a Diploma qualification for those who currently hold a license, for ONLY $375. We also offer Certificate of Registration training for ONLY $395 and the Fast Track Real Estate Licence course for ONLY $950. These are online courses, specifically designed to follow NSW Fair Trading guidelines and include full student support, live chat access and fast marking turnaround (usually within 48 hours) of submitted assignments.

Please visit our website and read our Property Reforms fact sheet for more information.