Fast Track Licence Information and Payment

NSW Real Estate Training College

The NSW Real Estate Training College is a leading provider of training in the real estate industry offering flexible online learning where students study in their own time, at their own pace.  All course material is accessible via our website ensuring currency of information.

As an experienced real estate professional, you may be eligible to ‘Fast Track’ a Real Estate Agents Licence.  Being a holder of a NSW Real Estate Agents Licence can provide you with many benefits including owning and operating your own real estate agency or employment as a Licensee.

Our online ‘Fast Track’ learning programme will reward you for your experience and enable study through recognition of prior learning.  You only need complete competencies you need – saving you time and money.  The Fast Track program is only $950 !

Am I eligible for Fast Track?

Have you been working in real estate sales for at least the past 2 years?
Do you hold a current Certificate of Registration with the NSW Fair Trading?
Have you completed the required continuing professional development (CPD)?

Then you may have all the skills and industry experience to be assessed as competent for up to 12 of the 24 units of competency required. 

What if I’m not eligible for Fast Track?

Salesperson with less than 2 years experience* - $1260.00

Full Real Estate Agents Licence - $1655.00

* you may still be eligible for recognition of prior learning (RPL) thereby reducing your course duration and cost.  

RPL is the formal recognition that your current knowledge and skills meet the requirements of a given unit of competency.  For further information on RPL, please review our Recognition of Prior Learning application located in main menu, or call the College to discuss.

What is the eligibility for application of a Licence?

All applicants for a personal licence must satisfy the Commissioner for NSW Fair Trading that he/she is:

  • at least 18 years of age
  • a fit and proper person to hold a licence. Any person in partnership with a Licencee in a property agency must also be a fit and proper person
  • has the qualifications required for the licence
  • is not a disqualified person 
  • has paid the relevant contribution to the Property Services Compensation Fund.

For further information on Licensing requirements please refer to

What is the course duration?

Students completing the full real estate agents licence course take approximately 12 weeks.  The Fast Track competencies can easily be completed in 2 to 5 weeks.  However, there is no time restriction to complete the course, students may choose to complete quickly or to take their time.

How am I assessed?

There are a combination of assessment activities and tasks requiring written responses. Activities require short answers and are designed to test knowledge.  Assessment tasks provide scenario’s that require you to demonstrate you can transfer the knowledge into relevant workplace situations.  Completed assignments are uploaded onto the website for marking – there is a 2MB upload limited, or you can email your assignment to us.

Assessment is competency based, ie you are either competent or not yet competent.  Assessment is conducted within approximately 48 hours of submission.

For those students completing CPPDSM4004A - Conduct Auction you will be required to submit a video of yourself conducting a fictitious auction sale. Completion of this unit will allow you to apply to NSW Fair Trading for a Real Estate Auctioneer Licence.

What if I need assistance?

If you find you need assistance you are welcome to contact us by email or take advantage of our 24 hour, 7 days a week student phone support.   We also provide mentoring service and assistance in the areas of language, literacy and numeracy.

How do I start?

Simply fax, email or post to us copies of the following:-­  

  • a completed Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Application form
  • Current Certificate of Registration
  • CPD participation certificates
  • Letter of employment from your current employer or appropriate references
  • Copies of the following documents:
    • Appraisal report - this can be a letter advising a vendor of your appraisal results
    • Listing report – this can be listing documentation completed by you
    • Selling report – this can be letters of offers made, letters advising of exchange and completion to settlement
    • Marketing examples – this can be copies of internet, print, letterbox drop marketing etc
  • Any academic transcripts you may have

    Need more information?

    For further information on the College, programmes offered, refund policy, complaints and appeals policy plus all other College policies, please refer to the ‘Student Handbook’ located in main menu of our website.

    Or call us 02 9987 2322.


Course Cost: $950.00